MYTRAVELLER can provide single or multiple branch agencies a platform to manage their client files and bookings with a clear financial position for both actual cash received and projected cash flow. Designed to fit the needs of any agency, MYTRAVELLER brings for both retail and corporate clients the comprehensive and rich functionalities they need to address all mid and back-office requirements and to better serve their clients.

Single, multi branch, homeworker and call centre operations can now work under one database, providing a single reporting view for both owners and finance teams through extensive facilities which include:

  • Digital filing and data management
  • Enquiry and Booking control
  • Branch Diary and Reminders
  • Automated and touchless processing
  • Enhance client documentation with agency branding
  • Bulk email facility
  • Consolidated Invoicing
  • Go Green, Go paperless
  • Agency / User Dashboard’s
  • Schedule & auto email of Client and Internal reports

MYTRAVELLER assists with the automation of the everyday tasks completed by users within any agency. Having our mid / back office solution within your agencies booking process will give your travel professionals time to focus on sales rather than administrative procedures.


Built within MYTRAVELLER, Traveller Accounts gives you control of creditors, suppliers and debtors ALL in one place. You are able to perform tasks on bookings as they happen, no need to wait until the end of day process to update changes, just get the job done whenever you are ready.

Just SOME of the key features:

  • Live Updates
  • Email Remittance
  • Drill Down to the Client File
  • Legend indicator to highlight Over payments
  • Alter Commissions within the Payments area
  • non Entered Commission
  • Auto Match Statements with certain suppliers
  • Under collected Client payments
  • Supplier Grouping of Accounts ie CAP and SPS
  • Save Batch Payments
  • Manage and Control Company Credit Cards
  • Sort and Search Functions
  • IATA / BSP Supplier Returns


We understand that managing supplier payments can be challenging and the life of the client booking can run into months and in some cases years. Deposits, Interim Payments, Amendments, Surcharges and Balance Payments can happen but we provide a simple consolidated line showing the total history of each transaction from the value of the transaction, the total commission and VAT on commission; what’s been paid to the supplier the balance and the total client payment.

Account Reports

There are the standard Account Reports as you would expect but also reports to help with file balancing, commission forecasting and cash-flow reports helping to manage cash flow and to make business decisions.

  • Debtors Report
  • Accounts Reporting
  • Creditors Reports
  • Daily Banking Reports
  • Balancing Booking Reporting

Sage 50

We have developed our own interface into the standard Sage 50. For existing Sage 50 customers MYTRAVELLER can be configured to interface into their Sage using Sage’s standard Nominal Coding Structure. MYTRAVELLER can have as little or as many different sale / purchase and commission codes as required (within reason). We can also operate into many Sage Bank Accounts as well as Creditors / Debtors and Agent Card Control accounts operating the Cash Accounting method.

  • Unlimited Sales / Purchase Codes
  • Control Accounts
  • VAT postings For multi branch operations,
  • Unlimited Bank Account Codes

We use the standard Department feature in Sage to allow you to report on each cost centre.

Sage 200

Sage 200 is one of Sage’s flagship products and we have successfully implemented this at a number of our current customers over the past 5 years. Designed for customers with bespoke requirements and where the volume of transactions may warrant this type of platform. Sage 200 offers the flexibility to the agent to tailor screens and report. You would work in conjunction with us and our partners to provide an interface to suit your needs. As with the Sage 50 interface, MYTRAVELLER is configurable to defined unlimited transaction types, brochure, payment methods and bank accounts.

  • Unlimited Sales / Purchase Codes
  • Unlimited Bank Account Codes
  • Control Accounts
  • VAT postings

Third Party Interface

We have had a number of successful interfaces with third party systems such as Great Plains and Navision so the interface is designed for those types of customers. Each day the Consolidated Postings file details the Nominal activity and creating of those postings to be able to produce your Travel booking Trial Balance.

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