SABS Quality Control

Elliminate errors and improve operating efficiency

The SABS QC business extension interacts with all bookings made by an agent or online booking too via the GDS. Reservations are then quality controlled for all different types of assurance checks and If the record does not pass QC it is placed back in an agent queue.

SABS QC also provides an impressive range of automation and quality control functions that automate the processing and auditing dramatically improving accuracy and agent productivity including:

  • Impressive improvements to reservation management
  • Optimizing work flow and increasing touch-less rates
  • Reduces overheads
  • Increases revenue

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SABS Reports and Analysis

Transform information into market insight

We believe data driven organisations make smarter business decisions. Keeping a finger on the pulse and understanding your businesses performance means you can drive that success.

SABS Reports and Analysis is changing the way travel organisations work. We have created a business extension where managers are realising tangible and profitable outcomes through understanding and acting on the data their business generates.

  • Optimise efficiency and lower costs
  • Implement evidence based improvements
  • Know what is going well and what needs improving
  • Engage with data to answer your business questions

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All the tools you need to transform your business

Delight travellers, manage finances and work more productively
SABS offers an integrated package of software products for accounting, sales, and customer service, giving you all the tools you need to build a better business with the UK’s leading Travel management platform at its core.

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